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Bookkeeping is the process of recording, maintaining and managing all business transactions.  A business is required to keep records of their sales, purchases, general business related expenses, assets, liabilities and capital on a day to day basis and a company is also advised to keep their records for at least five years.

Bookkeeping is an essential and important activity for all businesses, large and small.  Most businesses exist to make a profit and therefore is is vital to record sales, purchases, expenses, liabilities and capital appropriately.

Bookkeeping is a useful first step to identify how well the company is performing as well as managing and maintaining business finances.

Some companies do not always have the time to carry out their bookkeeping duties, quite often, due to focusing on their customer needs and maintaining customer relationships and other reasons may consist of not knowing how to record such transactions appropriately.

There is increasing focus from HMRC on small business owners to maintain and record business transactions efficiently and each year the HMRC investigates up to 50,000 businesses to identify their efficiency of recording income and expenditure postings to ensure that there is sufficient payment of VAT and corporation tax.  The HMRC may impose fines to businesses who fail to comply with correct taxation payments of up to £3,000.

To ensure that your business is recording all transactions appropriately contact Danielle Beirne Bookkeeping via the contact form section of our website for a free (no obligation) quote.


Invoices & Credit Notes

Inputting customer and supplier invoices and credit notes


Updating and maintaining customer and supplier accounts


Processing monies received and monies paid

Final Accounts & Vat Returns

Produce the final accounts and VAT returns for the business.


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